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Sanitary Looping System Pipe
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Specification of

The water distribution circle shall be made of Sanitary Looping System with the same characteristics as the type of storage and distribution distribution. The main feature is that they must be 100% drainable so that it can be designed with a gradient to the point of use so that in case of shutdown installation there is no water to be held in circle. As for fluid mechanics, water should circulate in pipes in turbulent flow (speeds above 1 m / s and Reynolds numbers above 10,000 are recommended) to minimize the risk of contamination that would occur if circulated in laminar flow, Positive pressure should also be guaranteed upon returning to tank (1 bar). For this, various instruments will be used such as variable speed drive for pump, pressure probe and flow meter.

Loops should be properly insulated to minimize heat loss, thus achieving substantial energy savings, and in these clean rooms should be of stainless steel.

Installation should be done by using a hex type sanitary pipe coated with polymer material (temperature appropriate) to minimize the risk of external corrosion on the pipe.

The main elements of the Sanitary Looping System are:

- Stainless Pipe
- Fittings
- Point of use valves (Diaphragm Type)

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