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Purified Water System

Sell ​​Purified Water System

Water is an important ingredient in making medicinal ingredients and making drugs themselves. Water used in the pharmaceutical industry must meet certain requirements so that it can be used in the drug production process. We sell Purified Water Systems, prepared with clean water generation systems and collected in purified water storage tanks of the capacity needed and distributed by centrifugal pumps for loop recirculation. At various points the heat exchanger used is a heat exchanger provided (if needed) to reduce the temperature of the hot circulating water and if needed. There is a back pressure valve on the back lane. Instruments and on / off valves for controlling and monitoring system operation and water quality. Our Purified Water System is controlled from a centralized control panel consisting of a PLC board. The distribution pipe consists of sanitary tubes, fittings, valves with orbital welding and triclover clamps in the manufacturing area and for instrument connections. Water through this pipe is supplied to various user points and spread back to the purified water tank that passes through ultra violet light which has a radiation dose of at least 30,000 μW-sec / cm.


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