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Automatic Sand Filter
Automatic Sand Filter
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04 Mar 2020
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Is a type of water filter that is operated automatically for backwash and rinsing using a timer. Designed for general purpose water filtration. This automatic permanent media backwashing filter will remove the suspended organic and / or inorganic suspended solids up to 20 microns in size. With the use of backwashing that is controlled automatically, the filter will operate "on line" for a long time before the short backwashing cycle. Operation Water Filter is automatically monitored at both elapsed time and pressure difference. When the controller "calls" for a branching as a result of the difference in pressure or time elapsed, the backwashing function uses a portion of the filtered water produced by the system to clean the media. Single tank system uses unfiltered water for washing back. An optional backwash water source water source is available for single and double tank systems.

Automatic Sand Filters provide the effective removal of suspended solids commonly found in many water sources. Sand Media Filter uses permanent filtering media and automatic wash for easy operation and consistent water quality production capability. Single Water Filters are commonly used for pre-treatment of reverse osmosis systems or deionized water systems, pre-filtration for cartridge or cartridge filtering systems, industrial water filtration for plant reuse and general filtration applications where solid waste discharges are suspended up to 15 microns in desired size .

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